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Marble is the best known and most appreciated metamorphic rock, and its beauty is characterised by veins and bold colours. Marble is also softer than granites so this material is used mainly in bathrooms. 

Quartz is man-made stone that have a smooth, non-porous and largely dirt resistant surface. They are insensitive to all acid and alkaline substances used in the household. They are hygienic and easy to clean and have many colours that you can chose from.

Stone selection

Granite has long been a preferred material for kitchen worktops, thanks to its exceptionally hard-wearing, durable, and unique aesthetic qualities.  Formed by the cooling of lava or magma, it is available in a range of beautiful, naturally occurring colours, from pink and grey, through to brown and black.

Due to good resistance to heat and cold, granite is a perfect fit for kitchen – you can place hot pots, pans and ovenware directly on worktop.